Wedge pillow

natural acid reflux remedies

A holistic approach for acid reflux sufferers

There are many people suffering from acid reflux, and if you are like millions of other people, you may not want to submit yourself in taking medication to combat heartburn problems. There are many holistic and natural ways to get rid of acid reflux and one of them is acquiring a wedge pillow.


An Acid reflux pillow is designed to keep your upper torso and head in an inclined position while keeping your lower torso and legs at the level of your bed. The benefice of using this product is having the force of gravity working with you by keeping the content of acid in the stomach.

It comes in different sizes and angels. The best are always the ones that cover the entire back and head with an inclination of 30 degrees or 12 inch high. You should be able to rest on your shoulders comfortably, without going overboard, and if you could afford it, purchase a memory foam pillow for an ultimate comfort.
It might take several nights before getting use to it, but if you suffer from rude awakenings of nasty acid reflux, you will thank God you have purchased it. The inclination of the pillow is extremely effective in stopping acid from creeping up during your sleep. The gravity makes it nearly impossible for stomach acid to climb, thus leaving you in a state of secure comfort. This alone, is well worth the investment.

The price range of these pillows is between 30 and 175 dollars. Some pillows might be more expensive, depending on the size and type of material. However, underneath a hundred dollars will be more than sufficient and provide a holistic solution to those awful acid night attacks.

Another way to prevent stomach acids from creeping up while your sleeping, is by watching what you eat in the later part of the evening. You should not be snacking on foods just before going to bed, that will only cause your acid reflux symptoms to worsen through the night. A good routine to develop is eating your last meal tree hours before going to bed.
A lot of heartburn sufferers raise the head of their bed to get the same results. However, this method is just not practical when sleeping with your husband or wife. An acid reflux pillow will keep the love birds close together and as a bonus, Wedge pillows can be very beneficial for people with snoring problems.

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