How Heartburn Home Remedies Can Help Pregnant Women

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How Heartburn Home Remedies Can Help Pregnant Women

Many pregnant women experience heartburn during their pregnancy period. It’s very difficult to cope with the sensation of burning chest, throat and sour taste in the mouth while being pregnant. Heartburn during pregnancy can occur due to various reasons.

Although it is sometimes not possible to eliminate heartburn, you can take certain steps and follow some procedures to minimize the heartburn symptoms. How heartburn home remedies can help pregnant women is discussed below;

· Avoid foods that trigger heartburn like; chocolates, citrus fruits and vegetables and their juices, tomatoes and tomatoes based products, vinegar, mint, spices, fried food, fats and all other food items that can cause heartburn.
· Avoid caffeine containing drinks like; coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, etc because these can cause acid reflux into the esophagus which causes heartburn.
· Avoid eating large portions of meals instead increase the number of small meals during the day.
· Chew your food properly. Don’t try to rush and eat as chewing makes it easy to digest your food properly.
· Wait at least for 3 hours after your meal before going to bed to avoid heartburn as late night meals may lead to indigestion and which in result may cause you discomfort.
· Drink plenty of water, 8-10 glasses of water along with other fluids are very healthy for pregnant women and their babies as well.
· Elevate your pillows to a certain height while you are sleeping because a right sleeping posture may avoid the risk of getting heartburn. Keep your stomach acids where they should be.
· Avoid wearing tight and fitted clothes, always wear loose and comfortable clothing.
· Try to bend on your knees instead of waist because bending on knees puts more pressure on your stomach.
· Always sit in an upright position because slouching also increases the risk of heartburn in pregnant women.
· Gain weight according to the guidelines of your doctor by eating healthy and fresh food.
· Avoid drinking and smoking because both increase the risk of heartburn and moreover both are very bad for your child’s health.

All these home remedies decrease the risk of heartburn among pregnant women. Although the symptoms and feeling cannot be fully cured, they are still worthy to follow. If you can, avoid taking medication during pregnancy and find more natural drug-free products for You and your baby.

Hence, we have discussed that how heartburn home remedies can help pregnant women, and we have analyzed that following simple and easy home remedies can actually lower the risk of heartburn in pregnant women. It is very difficult during pregnancy to cope with such illness, so it is better to prevent the illness.

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