Heartburn pregnancy

natural acid reflux remedies

Have you noticed how many times a day you’re getting acid reflux?
If not, You should !

Can heartburn pregnancy harm your fetus?

If you are pregnant and using any type of antacid drug to ease heartburn pain you should look for a more natural non-chemical approach to alleviate acid reflux.

Natural heartburn home remedies for pregnant woman

Natural heartburn home remedies for pregnant woman

First you should understand that having acid refluxes during pregnancy is a common problem most women faces because the growth of your new one is taking more space as you get close to delivery time. By taking more space in your belly, the fetus can be applying pressure towards the upper part of your stomach where the valve called the “sphincter muscle” is located. The sphincter muscle function is to prevent stomach acid from travel upwards into the esophagus ( your food pipe), but as the fetus grows, the muscle might not close properly, which is the reason acid reflux occurs. This is even truer when the fetus begins changing position in your stomach.

Since your body system is conceived to accept the acidity in your stomach to brake down aliments for digestion, the fetus is not in any danger from the burning sensation you are feeling when acid reflux happens.

However, during pregnancy, you should definitely consider consuming natural and organic products when heartburn occurs.

Stop the chemical stuff, such as antacid tablets or liquids and try something like;
unsalted baking soda biscuits. ( don’t forget unsalted). When you feel the burning sensation is coming, try eating 3 to 4 unsalted baking soda biscuit. They are great for absorbing acid stomach.

If the biscuits didn’t procure any relief, try a slice of brown bread. ( not toasted). Whole wheat bread could sponge up the acid.

You could drink a cup of hot chamomile tea mix with honey. This could prevent irritation of the food pipe if acid reflux happens too often.

Homogenize milk 3.25% ( not 1 or 2%).
Milk contains a source of calcium that helps relieve the burning sensation.

You could also use pure licorice root capsules or pure Aloe Vera juice.

If none of those natural heartburn remedies work, consult with a Homeopathic practitioners to see what he can do for you.

Sound advice during pregnancy:
Try to find a natural product to beat heartburn sensation, it’s simply a better health decision, especially when you are pregnant.
However, if you can’t find any organic or natural product to stop acid reflux, don’t stop whatever product you are using to kill the pain.
In other words, don’t let yourself suffer just because you cannot find a natural acid reflux remedy to alleviate heartburn pain.

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