Healing Acid Reflux with Pure Manuka Honey

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Healing Acid Reflux and heartburn with Pure Manuka Honey

Acid reflux not only feels terrible but chronic acid reflux can cause a great deal of damage to the esophagus and stomach lining. One item I have found that addresses both of these issues as well as providing soothing comfort, is pure Manuka honey. This honey is collected from bees that only get their nectar from flowers on the Manuka plant. This plant is indigenous to New Zealand. The honey collected from these particular bees, does differ from most ordinary honeys’. There are three reasons that this honey is unique. One is its non-hydrogen peroxide antibacterial component, number two is this component has been found to be unaffected by the naturally occurring enzymes in the stomach, and three, there has not been any reports of any bacteria that has grown resistant to it.

This natural product has strong soothing and protective properties that can be felt immediately. Using pure Manuka honey is considered to be the most safe and natural way to combat acid reflux and start the healing process of a damaged esophagus. A teaspoon of pure Manuka honey taken 3-4 times a day is all it takes. You see it takes the esophagus months to even begin the healing process as it is always in use. With this in mind it makes sense to use pure Manuka honey as it has no side effects. Not having side-effects does put this honey head and shoulders above most chemical-based antacids. To recap what we know so far about this honey it
· has no known side effects
· is research supported
· protects and heals
· is great for long term use
· does not add to stomach irritation
· is easily available
· is easy to use and cost effective

I ask you what more could one ask for in a product?

Diabetics feel free to use this remedy for your heartburn, as honey is known to be better for you than regular sugar, and all those artificial sugar substitutes. A small dietary change could result in years of relief and comfort. Pure Manuka honey has been researched at the Waikato University of New Zealand by Dr. Peter Molan. Due to his findings it has become one of the most sought -after products, not only for acid reflux but it also aids’ in the curing of infections. Hospitals and doctors are using it for patients who have shown very little in the way of results using other treatments. They were simply astounded by the positive results in their patients. It has been found that this honey can be used in conjunction with other medicines with no harm to the patient. Although it is still a mystery how this honey does what it does, we sufferers’ of acid reflux can just be thankful that it does work. The research continues and I am certain they will find more ways to use this gift of nature.

Pure Manuka honey is truly “The Bees Knees” when it comes to soothing and protecting our fragile esophagus from the ravaging effects of acid reflux.

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