Free Yourself from Heartburn Using Acid Reflux Remedies

natural acid reflux remedies

Acid Reflux- We hear that term tossed around a lot, especially in television ads from the big pharmaceutical companies. Before indulging yourself in those pharmaceutical promotion, make sure to read the labels. Most of these items have side effects that make a heartburn seem mild by comparison. If the thought of ingesting another chemical-based product leaves you cold, then check out these natural acid reflux remedies.

I was a victim of acid reflux for a very long time. As a fellow sufferer, allow me to share with you what I have found out, not only about acid reflux, but what can be done holistically to stop it. My search began with a question. “What is acid reflux and what causes it?” The answer was surprisingly simple.

The stomach produces acids, designed to aid in the digestion of food. Sometimes what we eat, the stress levels in our lives, and other factors, destabilize the stomach acid in your body. In short the stomach produces way more acid than it needs. The word “reflux” literally means “to flow back up”. When the stomach is out of sorts, this acid is forced back up along the esophagus.
Acid being true to form, cause a burning sensation to develop in the chest, because it is literally burning the tender flesh in the esophagus. Over time this can lead to serious problems.

Armed with this knowledge I began my search for a few acid reflux remedies that was practical and most of all not a chemical.

It was a surprise to find out, that my Grandmother had the right of it. I was raised by my elderly grandparents, who were very old-fashioned, or so I thought at the time. You had to be half dead to warrant a doctor visit, she had a tea or poultice for just about everything.

I can remember Granny mixing a 1/4 teaspoon of Baking soda in a tall glass of water and chugging it down. There were times when I was giving this concoction as well. A short time later she would let out a series of tremendous belches and sigh. I remember clearly now that these “miseries” as she called them only affected her at times of extreme duress and high grease content.

Another of her favorites acid reflux remedies was to drink either apple cider vinegar or pickle juice. That’s right, the juice we have been pouring down the drain could save us from the discomfort caused by acid reflux. The best part of the pickle juice remedy was that we got to eat the homemade pickles once the jar was open. There were no preservatives in my grandmas’ pickles. She made the best in the county.

The more people I asked the more varied the response. The younger people all seem to rely heavily on over the counter remedies and prescriptions. What a difference a few generations make in the thinking patterns of mankind.

A good friend of mine who happened to be selling Aloe–based products gave me an idea for a great remedy. I call it the acid reflux smoothie. Take a fresh Aloe leaf peel away the outer covering, put the remaining goo into a blender with a little water, ice cubes and a non-acidic fruit and blend until smooth. I am partial to blueberries but any fruit that doesn’t contain acid will do.

I urge to try one or all of these acid reflux remedies, and say goodbye to heartburn.

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