Exercise the LES Muscle (sphincter muscle)

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Exercise LES muscle

Exercising the LES Muscle Using Relaxation Techniques

The muscle responsible with keeping the undigested food pieces and the acids in the stomach is called the lower esophageal muscle; it is commonly known as the LES muscle. Because it acts like a valve, keeping the unpleasant content of the stomach inside, the LES muscle must be literally fit, so it can resist. You can help it, by training the muscle, this way increasing its resistance. You can exercise the LES muscle using various relaxation techniques, some of them, you might be familiar with.

1. Reflexology
If you never tried it before, you should do it; it doesn’t matter if you suffer from heartburn or not, it is a great relaxation method for the entire body. Reflexology is based on the principle that all your body parts are connected to a flow of energy. By finding the point on the foot that relates to your intended organ, and manipulating it, you can direct the flow of energy where help is needed, in our case to exercising the LES muscle.

2. Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a well-known remedy for heartburn since two thousand years ago in China. Even though the western medicine does not agree with it, mainly because western scientists are not understanding how acupuncture works, it has been proven that acupuncture has great healing effects. Even more, people are always using acupuncture when the western medication fails.

3. Meditation
Mastered by the shaolin monks in Tibet, this technique is the oldest form of healing relaxation known to man. It has been proven that it is helpful when it is done in the right conditions, and not only helps a part of the body to regenerate (in our case exercise the LES muscle), but it also helps the rest of the body to heal and feel better.

4. Guided Imagery
Usually used in hypnotic trances, this procedure implies that the subconscious helps the body regenerate very fast. No one exactly knows why it happens, or what is the exact mechanism that triggers the actions from the subconscious, but one thing is certain: it surely works.

You can do this exercises using guided imagery in the process of exercising the LES muscle this way: lie down in bed or in a couch hands along your body. Close your eyes and start thinking to a quiet place that you like the most. It may be near a lake from the forest, in a hut near the sea, and so on. The idea is to feel that you belong to that place. Using this technique for 20 minutes a day can dramatically improve your spirit and physical health.

5. Aromatherapy
A lot of people have heard about aromatherapy but associate it more with a “feel good” factor rather than a healing one. So you probably didn’t realize that aromatherapy is something that you can use to help prevent heartburn. Using highly concentrated essential oils, aromatherapy stimulates body’s self-healing processes. You can try aromatherapy at home, but is it recommended to go to a specialized institution for better results.

Hopefully, those techniques will help you relax and heal your body, so you won’t have to suffer again from heartburns.

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