Beat the heat of acid reflux

natural acid reflux remedies

Do not take acid reflux lightly!

It’s so easy to take a tablet every time you get an upset stomach or heartburn. True! You may feel instantly better, but the insidious side effects of pharmaceutical drugs sold over the counter to treat heartburn pain are greatly misunderstood and should be taken much more seriously. In fact, taking acid reflux remedies such as antacid pills over time to beat the heat of heartburn, will adversely aggravate your condition. The nature of these drugs is to alleviate the pain of acid reflux and not to cure it.

Studies reveal, one drop of stomach acid will burn a whole right through a piece of wood, and having repetitive acid reflux travelling up your food pipe over time, will damage the lining of your digestive tract and create digestive disorder.The immediate relief that procures antacid medications, gives heartburn sufferers the impressions that acid reflux is harmless. However, while sufferers are under this impression, their condition slowly but surely deteriorates and then chronic diseases begin developing, and before they realize it, they need serious medical attention.

There are several reasons why you get heartburn, the most common one is when you have eaten too much. Eating a hefty meal prevents the esophagus from completely closing down at the stomach, forcing the acid stomach to shoot upwards into the food pipe and throat.

The sort of food you consume is another common reason why you get acid reflux, example: spicy foods are already high in acid and can also trigger heartburn.

So next time you’re on the brink of gulping another chalky tasting antacid pill to ease the burning sensation throbbing around your chest area, try something else!
something more natural with fewer chemicals.
So here are a few simple natural acid reflux remedies you might find useful to neutralize heartburn.

First – begin with a cool glass of water to flush the acid back down your throat and sooth the burning, herbal ginger tea is among one of the best acid reflux remedies for digestion. It provides relief and healing of the digestive system.
Just grate half of a teaspoon of pure ginger root into a cup of hot water and let it sit for at least 5 minutes.

Milk is a Natural Acid reflux remedy

Milk is a Natural Acid reflux remedy

Second – you can try drinking whole milk! For better results make sure it’s 3.25% homogenize milk and not 1 or 2 %. Milk calcium is another effective way to counteract stomach acid and also helps to protect your throat from acid burn.

Third – keep some radishes and cucumbers in the frig. The cool soothing taste of the veggies will help counteract spicy food – alkaline help to heal digestive problems and carrot juice is a great source of alkaline.

Fourth – make sure gravity is on your side – if your heartburn strikes when you’re laying down, try propping up your head and neck with an acid reflux pillow. These wedge pillows are very effective in keeping acid in your stomach while sleeping.
Furthermore, very interesting to note, laying down on your left side will help to lower the acid away from the esophagus.

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