Antacid pills will not heal acid reflux

natural acid reflux remedies

Have you noticed?
There are no more Rolaids bottles displayed  on drug store shelves!

Well, l I’m not sure about the rest of the world but in Canada, Johnson  & Johnson the manufacturer  of this product, have removed from the ever popular and  lucrative pharmaceutical  market, every single Rolaid  bottle containing 150 and 100 tablets.

If you are one of those acid sufferers who’s been popping Rolaids pills for the last couple of months, you might have been the victim of several unpleasant side effects such as;  nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, and yes!  An unusually smell emerging from the bottle when you open it for the very first time.

After receiving numerous complaints from unsatisfied heartburn sufferers, Johnson & Johnson released a warning report explaining the reasons why they have recalled their product.
The  pallets used for storing and moving, have contaminated the bottles. The chemicals, the manufacturer utilizes to treat the Pallets, is the reason why there are no more Rolaids bottles in pharmacies.

Rolaids recalled bottle

Isn’t it ironic? The reason why you want to take these pills are the reason why you are getting sicker.

If this is happening to you, maybe it’s time for you to discover other and safer ways to kill those burning sensations. And even if you’ re not a victim of this mishap, you should consider other alternatives for safer and “more to the core kind of healing process” to get rid of acid reflux.

Acid reflux remedies
of the “organic or natural type” surpasses any commercial heartburn product sold over the counter. They outdo these products because they work on healing the problem and not blocking them. If you are suffering from acid reflux for some time, and have been using Rolaids or other similar products to calm heartburn, you are literary damaging your digestive system by allowing acid from your stomach irritating the lining of your digestive tracts. Most heartburn sufferers misunderstand the purpose of these products and unfortunately consume these pills neglecting the harsh reality of falling into the trap of addiction.

Popular brands of antacid products are very effective and should be taking only if heartburn happens rarely. Change your eating habits and the heartburn products you are consuming, if you are at an early stage of having incessant heartburn.
These products do not heal, they only block the problem. So do yourself a favor and get off these pills before you begin developing a chronicle disease.
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