Acid reflux pillow

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Are you having acid-awakening attacks in the middle of the night or sudden splurge of acid reflux creeping up your throat while you’re a sleep?

Are you tired of fighting night after night with a stack of pillows only to wake up in the morning with neck back or shoulder pain?

Cant remember the last time you had a good night sleep!

Finally an intelligent & affordable solution to prevent acid reflux night mare attacks!

No more sudden acid reflux attacks!
- Hi! my name is Mike St-John – and just bear with me a few minutes of your time while I explain to you how easy it is to find a solution to these violent acid reflux attacks that occurs while your deeply sleeping.

Acid Reflux Pillow – Yes it’s that simple!

Eliminate years of suffering by simply purchasing a Acid Reflux Pillow.
The idea behind the concept of the Acid Reflux Pillow is simply to beat gravity effect when Acid Reflux occurs while sleeping horizontally.

The angle or inclination of the pillow allows the acid to stay where it’s suppose to, meaning in the stomach. The higher the inclination the better it will work in fighting against the gravity effect.

sleeping with acid reflux pillow

sleeping with acid reflux pillow

acid reflux pillow

acid reflux pillow

Duro-Med Bed Wedge, 12″ x 24″ x 24″ Bed Wedge pillow- 12″ Wedge

I’ve been suffering from Acid reflux disease called GERD for several years, and buying a Acid Reflux Pillow was by far the best way of dealing with my condition.
I don’t worry any more about unexpected reflux while I’m sleeping. It does provide me with good nights sleep and as a bonus it’s Great for my shoulder and back pain.
I have tried several different kind of pillows before finding the right one and here are my suggestions.

Reasons why you should buy a Acid reflux pillow:

  • It’s an inexpensive solution for a good night sleep
  • It’s really a trouble-free solution because it eliminate the problem of rising your head bed with casters.
  • These pillows are firm and provide good back support while still being comfortable.
  • It can also help alleviate snoring problems


  • The pillow should at least be 12 inch in height in order to prevent acid from travelling up the esophagus ( the digestive tube where food is swallowed).
  • Also consider 24 inch in length and width to get the best comfortable support for your head and back.
  • call or email the vendor before purchasing the acid reflux pillow to make sure they have a clear and good return policy. “better be safe than sorry!

Below are 4 different links provided by reliable company with good service that sells Acid reflux pillows.

Acid Reflux Pillow Wedge Pillow Acid Reflux Pillow for Babies

With Allergen Barrier Cover

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