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The effectiveness of baking soda for heartburn sufferers

Heartburn can be a real pain, literally! There are many reasons why people suffer from heartburn but one fact is true for everyone, it’s a very uncomfortable feeling and can take a few hours to get rid of. Baking soda for heartburn has been used as a home remedy for many years and the reasons [...]

Natural acid reflux remedies for heartburn

Heartburn can be experienced by a surge of gastric acid coming from the stomach to the upper part of the chest which brings about unpleasant feeling of burning pain. When acid backs up, it travels through the esophagus commonly named (pipe food), it aggravates the lining tissues [...]

How to detect Acid Reflux in babies

Symptoms of Acid Reflux in babies – how to detect if your baby has Acid Reflux
Acid reflux in babies is a common disorder and believe it or not, many moms are in the same boat as you are. Knowing what the symptoms are and how to spot them, will help to rid yourself of some [...]

Acid Reflux Diet Plan

Acid Reflux Diet Plan and Its Food Contents
There are certain foods that can increase acid reflux which ultimately leads to heartburn and other severe symptoms. While planning your acid reflux diet plan and its contents, it’s a good idea to eliminate or set a limit, to foods and drinks that cause acid reflux. [...]

Acid reflux remedies

Need help?
Are you tired of suffering from Acid Reflux, heart and chest burns?
Have you been diagnose with GERD, and your doctor told you that it’s permanent, that it can not be healed and the only way to stop the pain is to pop pills for the rest of your life!
Are you [...]

hiatal hernia symptoms

hiatal hernia symptoms
You have nothing to worry about if acid reflux occurs once every month. However, if you are suffering from long lasting pain or more precisely, burning sensation around the chest area that last more than 30 minutes after eating, then you should seek immediate attention, this is one of the several signs [...]

Inguinal hernia symptoms

What exactly is an inguinal hernia and what are the causes and related symptoms.

Inguinal hernia symptoms
Even a simple task like walking can be challenging for people suffering from hernia.
An inguinal hernia occurs when the abdominal wall muscle either tears, ruptures or weakens, creating a hole in the abdominal wall.
The content of the abdomen or [...]

The negative side effects of proton pump inhibitors.

The negative side effects of proton pump inhibitors.
More than 100 millions people suffering from acid reflux are using, what has now become the third biggest pharmaceutical seller in the USA, ” Proton pump inhibitors”(PPI).

The pharmaceutical industry does not care about the negative side effects of these types of drugs, they only care about making [...]

hiatal hernia surgery

hiatal hernia surgery
If you believe you have hiatal hernia symptoms such as: long lasting heartburn pain after eating – having a hard time swallowing – having excessive burping or belching when you have not eaten, you should consider getting an expert opinion to make sure these symptoms are really related to this particular condition. Some [...]

Pure Manuka Honey for treating acid reflux

Pure Manuka Honey for treating acid reflux
Dr. Peter Molan who is a researcher at the Waikato University of New Zealand has been studying for more than 20 years the beneficial effects of treating infections with a unique natural product called Active Manuka Honey.
His studies reveal the amazing healing power some hospital patients are witnessing by [...]